Why advertising with Flapers?

Advertising Effectiveness:

Flapers, the innovative Magnetic Bookmark, offers a highly effective conscious and mainly suggestive assimilation of the advertising message. This is due to the visual permanence of Flapers at the critical time of the reader’s emotional engagement.
Daily habits make it a very likely possibility that the bookmark be the last advertising seen by a person before falling asleep (scientifically determined as the best time for storing the advertising message in memory).




The physical characteristics of the product (weight, size, shape) make it appropriate for distribution by the most effective massive distribution methods:

Editions Events Congresses
Fairs Mailing & Deliveries Inserts, etc.


As a sales item:


Flapers have had an excellent reception in the market in:


Shops Libraries Drugstores
Bookshops Hypermarkets Museums
Exhibitions Hotels Tourist Points

Stand or Counter Display

Lighted acrylic rotating displays, for the New York, USA, point-of-sale.





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